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Broadcast Terminology Roundup

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Broadcast Terminology Roundup

As a broadcast designer there are many terms one must understand in order to know what the hell a client is asking for. The problem is people use different names for the same thing. When I was first asked for a ”Clusterbuster” I thought the guy wanted some kind of chocolate bar.

So once and for all I’d like to create a list of broadcast terminology that we can all use, and I’d like you to be involved. I’m going to start off by listing some of the terms I use and what I know to be the definition, and other names (I’ll include more as I remember). If you think you know differently, have another name for the same thing, or know of something I’ve missed, let us know. When the list is complete, I’ll post a document everyone can refer to:

Lower Third Super: (lower third, super strap, strap, banner):
A graphic that sits at the bottom third of the screen and includes information, most commonly someone’s name. The type on them can be a “slug” (ex. 5-alarm fire) or a “locator” (123 west elm st) or an “identifier”. (Joe Six-Pack from East Wherever)

Full Frame Super:
A graphic, usually text, that covers the entire frame.

5-10 second lower third animations that play during the show promoting some other show or what’s coming up.

Interstitial (Clusterbuster)
A short show (up to 5 minutes) that is broadcast in-between full length shows.

Promo (Promotion):
A sequence that advertises an upcoming show.

Bumper (Next, Promo):
A short sequence (5-10 seconds) that plays in-between shows, that advertises an upcoming show(s).

Play Off (Pingel, Bump in):
A short sequence that plays before an advertising break.

Play On (Pingel, Bump out):
A short sequence that plays after an advertising break.

Packshot (End Page, End Board):
A graphic at the end of a promotion that includes the date and time of a show(s).

Ident (Station ID):
A short animation that culminates with a channel’s name/logo. Used to brand a channel.

A rough animated storyboard used to give some idea about the timing of a sequence.

Opening Title (Open, Leader, Intro, Intro sequence):
The sequence that plays at the beginning of a show to open the show.

A commercial right after a show or promo. For example, “This program was made possible by “brandname”. Preferably with the same design treatment as the program before it.

Classification (Netherlands = NICAM, Ratings bug):
Graphic before a program designed to inform viewer of age suitability for that program. Can also be a bug.

A small graphic (well usually small) that appears in the corner of the screen, used to identify a channel, show etc.

Transition (Swipe):
A short animation that acts as a transition between segments of a show. It has a logo or is designed according to the content.

A graphic placed at the beginning of sequence used to display information about the sequence, for example Duration, Format, etc.

Over The Shoulder (OTS):
The graphic that sits over a news anchors’s shoulder.

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