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Dissolve Factory v1.0 for After Effects

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Отправлено 01 Jan 2003 - 01:00

Dissolve Factory v1.0 for After Effects © Buena Software X=


 RELEASE INFO                                                              

 Cracked by..: Team SCOTCH!!! ......... Supplier...: Team SCOTCH!!! ......

 Type........: After Effects Plugin ... Date.......: 28th December 2002 ..

 Disk Size...: [ 01 * 01 MB] .......... Protection.: Durex ..............

Release Notes:

The Dissolve Factory plugin allows you to create new dissolve transitions. It
can simulate subtle effects like a film dissolve or create never-before-seen
dissolves, like a saturation dissolve.

Dissolve Factory lets you choose what to fade out first, and what to fade
out last, as well as what to fade in first, and what to fade in last. For
example, you can choose to fade out a particular color first, and a
different color last. You can then set the other clip to fade in bright
areas first, and dark areas last. You can even use the properties of one
clip to affect how the other clip fades in or out.

                                                 - Team SCOTCH

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