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#1 Gerald


    Дал камеру подержать другу

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Отправлено 17 Apr 2003 - 00:00

Очередной подарок от полуночников:

.                MiDNiGHT PRESENTS                      
-·                                                                           ·-
-¦              DIGITAL ANARCHY 3D ASSISTANTS PRO V1.0 FOR AE                  
¦¦                                                                           ¦¦
¦    Date......:  April 14, 2003           Protection:  Watermark           ¦
¦¦    Size......:  01 x 1.44mb              Type......:  Plugin              ¦¦

  Release Notes:
     The 3D Assistants are a collection of 10 keyframe assistants that
     allow you to arrange and manage your layers in After Effect's 3D
     Six Distribution Assistants are designed to, well, distribute the
     selected 3D layers throughout 3D space.
     Four Creator Assistants will then wrap your layers around a primitive
     shape. Create clusters of cubes, tunnels, rings, spheres, and other
     shapes at no additional render time.

     Comparison of packages
     In the 3D Assistants EZ package, there are two Distribution tools:
     Cubic and Linear. The full Pro version has four additional Distribution
     tools: Planar, Spheriod, Cylinder, and Pyramid. Both packages contain
     four Creator Assistants: Matrix, Box, Spheroid and Cylinder.

     EZ Assistant palettes are 'lite' versions of the Pros, meaning more
     limited - but still powerful - functionality. We recommend the EZ
     package to folks starting out with 3D layers, or interested in
     quickly accomplishing simple 3D After Effects composiitions.

     Alternately, we recommend the Pro version to any professional
     compositor or hard-core designer who is using the 3D capabilities
     of After Effects on a regular basis, and in fact, trying to push
     those capabilities.

     For more information:

На нетбоксе.....

#2 DenizZ


    Широкопрофильный гуру по NLE

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Отправлено 18 Apr 2003 - 00:00

Осторожнее надо быть с такими подарками... Попользовал  Бужу (трэкер).... Валится, зараза, и именно из-за "лекарства". Запихивая новый софт, не удаляйте старый - может пригодиться....

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